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". . .the most ordinary moments sparkle; there’s a wealth of humanity here—losses, successes, missed opportunities, breakthroughs, yearnings. As a psychotherapist and writer specializing in grief, I was intrigued by the powerful yet often neglected theme of generational grief. Sandra skillfully shares with her readers the complicated family dynamics that arise as unresolved grief is passed along from one generation to the next. Sandra’s determination to claim her own life and voice lies at the heart of this intimate, refreshing memoir."

            ~~Alexandra Kennedy, author of Losing a Parent and The Infinite Thread: Healing Relationships Beyond Loss

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Stephanie Deshpande


RESCUE A Memoir is a prose chapbook from Poetica Publishing.

Sandra Hurtes has written a memoir of great delicacy and emotional truth, a book that delve

s into the complex and contradictory meaning of rescue in the lives of Holocaust survivors and their children.The parents were never rescued, and it's too late for the children to try.As this wonderful and worthy book knows quite well: Who then is left to rescue the survivors of the survivors?"  


Thane Rosenbaum, author of
The Golems of Gotham, Second Hand Smoke, and Elijah Visible 

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The US Holocaust Museum, DC
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On My Way To Someplace Else

"...On My Way to Somplace Else is a top pick for memoir collections."
Midwest Book Review

"Survivors seem to fall into two groups: The tell-all and the tell-little, with Hurtes’ mom of the tell-all persuasion. Hurtes writes movingly about the influence of these stories on her life and how they made her the person she is today." The Voice of Jewish  Washington

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The Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC
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J. Levine & Co., NYC
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